Mission Statement:

Our mission at Sumy National Agrarian University (SNAU) is centered around informing, stimulating, and supporting our scientists in conducting impactful research and securing funding for their projects. We are dedicated to the support and growth of research groups and communities, actively working towards the development and implementation of SNAU’s scientific activity strategy.

Vision Statement:

SNAU aspires to be a research-intensive, globally oriented university that excels in both fundamental and applied scientific research. At the core of our values are ambition and perfection, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and utilitarian scientific endeavors. Our university places a high priority on increasing its international scientific influence and aims for the profound impact of its research on both the scientific community and society at large.

Key Objectives:

  1. Inform, Stimulate, and Support:
    • Provide timely and relevant information to SNAU scientists.
    • Stimulate a culture of curiosity and innovation among researchers.
    • Offer robust support mechanisms for securing research funding.
  2. Support and Development of Research Groups:
    • Foster a collaborative environment for research groups and communities.
    • Facilitate professional development opportunities for researchers.
  3. Strategy Development and Implementation:
    • Formulate a comprehensive strategy for the development of scientific activities.
    • Monitor and ensure the effective implementation of the established strategy.
  4. Research Excellence:
    • Prioritize interdisciplinary and utilitarian scientific research.
    • Encourage high standards of research excellence.
  5. International Scientific Influence:
    • Actively seek avenues to increase SNAU’s global scientific influence.
    • Foster international collaborations and partnerships.
  6. Impact on Science and Society:
    • Strive for research outcomes that have a meaningful impact on both scientific advancements and societal well-being.
    • Communicate research findings effectively to a broader audience.