These laboratories demonstrate Sumy National Agrarian University’s commitment to advancing scientific research in ecological agriculture, nature management, potato growing, livestock product safety, genetic research, and electron microscopy. The university aims to contribute valuable knowledge and innovations in these fields for the benefit of agriculture, food safety, and scientific advancements.

Center for the Collective Use of Scientific Equipment: “Laboratory of Ecological Agriculture and Nature Management”


Institute of Problems of Potato Growing in the North-East of Ukraine

The institute focuses on the development and resolution of scientific issues related to breeding, seed production, cultivation technology, storage, and processing of potatoes. Specific areas of research include:

Innovative Technologies and Safety and Quality of Livestock Products Laboratory

This laboratory specializes in research on the quality and safety of food products, aiming to prevent dangerous products from entering the Ukrainian market. Specific research areas include:

Laboratory of PCR Diagnostics for Molecular Biology and Genetic Research

This laboratory is dedicated to conducting molecular biological and genetic research, with a focus on:

Educational and Scientific Laboratory of Electron Microscopy

This laboratory conducts research on the microstructure, microrelief, phase, and elemental composition of inorganic, metallic, and biological samples. The methods employed include scanning (raster) and transmission (illumination) electron microscopy.